Table saw collection

Welcome to our Table Saw collection

At Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft, we've made your search for a good table saw or cabinet saw easy.

We joined up with top brands like Grizzly, Shop Fox, and South Bend, so we'll always have the right machine for you.

Find the right saw for your needs

We know that starting out, most of us dont have the space, budget or even the need for the best table saw out there. That's why our collection will to grow with you.

Starting out you might want a portable table saw, AKA a contractor table saw. They're light, portable and just as handy on site as a wood shop with an infeed and outfeed setup.

Next you might choose a hybrid table saw with an enclosed base you can move around the shop. With it, you also get an upgraded bed and fence for more precision.

Later, you'll want a cabinet saw for quiet, power, precision and a more capable machine.

Being heavy they feel solid and reliable under heavy use. Enjoy a ground flat bed, a solid fence, more capacity and more power so production is fast and easy.

For industrial use, we offer high end commercial machines, so if you're ready for a table saw with a sliding table, you're in the right place.

Trusted quality, reliability and service

Serious woodworkers need serious tools. That's why every saw meets top industry standards for precision, performance, and safety.

We know the right machine is a big deal in the search for precision and speed, so we aim to offer just that.

Invest in your craft with an effortless shopping experience that defines Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft.

Visit our online store today to find the perfect saw for your woodworking needs.