Sharpening stones and strops

Sharpening stones and strops are indispensable assets in a woodworker's toolkit, they enable the craftsman to achieve precision and sharpness in cutting tools.

Among these essential tools, Japanese water stones (also known as Whetstones), Hard Arkansas stones, and Soft Arkansas stones stand out as remarkable options.

Japanese water stones are revered for their ability to hone edges to exceptional sharpness due to their abrasive composition and the use of water as a lubricant during sharpening.

Hard Arkansas stones offer incredible durability and a fine abrasive texture, ideal for refining edges to a polished finish.

Soft Arkansas stones, on the other hand, provide a slightly coarser texture, making them effective for initial shaping and honing tasks.

When paired with strops—leather or fabric strips coated with abrasive compounds—these accessories provide the finishing touch, refining knives and blades to that razor sharp edge.

Sharpening stones and strops empower woodworkers to maintain their tools at peak performance, ensuring precise cuts and an enhanced woodworking experience.

At Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft, we offer a curated selection of premium sharpening stones and strops, including Japanese water stones and Arkansas stones, enabling artisans to achieve cutting edges that epitomize craftsmanship.

Explore our range of sharpening tools to elevate your woodworking projects to new dimensions of excellence.