Router jigs & accessories

Router jigs and accessories are transformative assets that empower woodworkers to reach new heights of precision and creativity in their craft.

Among these invaluable tools, dovetail jigs stand out as game-changers, enabling artisans to effortlessly create intricate dovetail joints with unparalleled accuracy. Paired with dovetail bits and bearings, these jigs guide routers to carve flawless dovetail profiles, resulting in aesthetically pleasing and structurally robust connections.

Dovetail bits are engineered with specialized profiles tailored to crafting dovetail joints, while the associated bearings ensure consistent and controlled routing along the wood's edge.

These accessories ensure that woodworking enthusiasts can achieve stunning dovetail designs that elevate the visual appeal and quality of their projects.

At Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft, our range of premium router jigs and accessories includes dovetail jigs, bits, and bearings, allowing craftsmen to master the art of woodworking joinery.

Explore our selection to unlock your router's full potential and execute professional-level precision in your woodworking endeavors.