Spokeshave collection

Welcome to our Spokeshave collection, where we pride ourselves on offering the finest selection of precision woodworking tools.

Our selection of Spokeshaves features the renowned Kunz range of products, providing you with the ultimate in German engineering and precision.

Designed to deliver impeccable results every time, these Spokeshaves are crafted with the highest-quality materials, and feature a comfortable grip and sharp blade for effortless, smooth cuts.

Whether you're a seasoned woodworker or just starting out, our collection has everything you need to achieve professional-grade results on your projects.

We offer a range of Spokeshaves for different types of woodwork, whether you're looking for a flat bottom, convex, or concave blade.

Our collection includes a variety of models, including the Kunz No. 50, No. 53, and No. 55 models, all of which are built to last.

With our selection of Spokeshaves, you'll enjoy an effortless and efficient woodworking experience, thanks to the premium materials, sturdy construction, and ergonomic design of these tools.

Whether you're shaping a chair leg, a paddle, or a musical instrument, you'll appreciate the quality and precision of our Spokeshave collection.

We are proud to offer the Kunz range of Spokeshaves, and we stand behind the quality of our products.

Browse our collection today and experience the ultimate in German engineering and precision for your woodworking needs.