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Welcome to Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft

Thanks for stopping by. If you take a look around, you'll find some of the finest Modern and Traditional Woodworking Tools and Machinery. That's because we think fine woodworking starts with Professional Woodworking Tools. Besides that, you'll also need some High-Quality Woodworking Supplies and we have both so feel free to browse, shop and explore.

But where did all this start from?

Our Foundation: A Legacy of Craftsmanship

A long time ago, a man name Mr. Artur Newton, took some hand tools and a few wooden blocks and made something amazing. Even though he had no wood shop, he built a lifelike rocking horse for his grandson. As a result, Mark Newton had a new toy and figured out for what a person can do with a little natural ability.

Our Evolution: The best of New vs Old!

Mark Newton founded the company in 2014 by building fine furniture from a garage wood shop; then in 2019 he expanded. As a result we now support the woodworking community with Modern and Traditional Woodworking Tools and Machinery.

We offer everything from big machinery to the basic hand tools and High-Quality Woodworking Supplies.

Our Commitment to Quality Woodworking Tools and Machinery

We know that no single tool can do it all. That's why we stock everything from lathes to chisels. Our aim at Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft is to offer Professional Woodworking Tools and High-Quality Woodworking Supplies for our customers.

Proudly keeping the world of Woodworking Tools and Machinery alive

We're inspired by trade shows offering technology and tradition such as the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas. There's also the IWF held in Atlanta Georgia and many smaller shows held across the USA to look out for.

Explore Our Products: A Tradition of Excellence

Check out our online store to see our selection of Woodworking Tools and Machinery. We focus on quality service and peace of mind to make our customers happy. What makes us different is our service standard, so feel free to ask about your woodworking challenge. That's because our entire culture around here is about connecting with woodworkers over our favorite subject.

The Philosophy: Woodworking Tools and Machinery for Skilled Hands

We believe its a gift in life to be able to build something with your hands. Inspired by a grandfather's gift, Mark Newton aims to support woodworkers in their journey to create beautiful things with the right Woodworking Tools and Machinery.

Join Our Woodworking Community

Thank you for visiting Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft for your woodworking needs. Let's carry on the legacy of excellence together. For inquiries and support CLICK HERE and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.