Edge Banding Machine Collection

Introducing our Edge Banding Machine Collection from top brands like Safety Speed and Grizzly Industrial.

Edge banding is all about speed and quality so whether you're a large or small business, you'll find what you need, right here.

Built for Productivity

Each machine is all about precision, speed, and versatility, with professional-quality results over years of heavy use.

With features like electronic variable speed control, digital temperature control, and electromagnetic end cutters.

The right machine can speed up a tricky process, making them worth a lot to high-volume cabinet shops around the country.

So why spend money on an Edge Banding Machine:


Edge banding machines apply attractive and protective edges. So, they improve the look and feel of a cabinet. They create a professional look that's hard to achieve any other way.

Seamless Edges

Apply edge banding in one piece to decorate and protect exposed edges of cabinet components for a seamless, finished appearance.

Durability and Protection

Edge banding protects the edge of a cabinet against wear, moisture, and more, so you're offering a quality product.

Time Efficiency

Manual edge banding is slow and isn't cheap so edge banding machines automate the process, and drop your build time.

Consistent Quality

Automate your edge banding and reduce human error with quality and consistency from here on out.

Variety of Materials

Edgebanding machines can handle lots of different materials like wood veneer, PVC, ABS, and more so you can use the material your customer wants.


If your client wants custom edge banding, you can offer it. So different colors, textures, or patterns will never lose you an order.


Productivity is a big deal where volume is everything and seconds count so automation can make a big difference.

Cost Savings

The true benefit of an edge bander is more productivity from fewer hours with less waste which ads up over time.

Different Cabinet Types

Edgebanding machines are made for banding anything from cabinets to office furniture. So if you're trying to meet the needs of each customer that flexibility matters.


An edge banding machine makes cabinet making effortless with looks, quality, and speed, in less time which means saving money.


How does an edge bander machine work?

An edge bander applies edge banding to the edge of a wooden surface. It applies heat and pressure to attach a strip of material, such as PVC or wood veneer, to the edges of panels or boards. The benefit is repeatable, precise alignment, and a seamless finish every time.

Can the edge bander machine be used for different woodworking projects?

Short answer - Yes!

Whether you're working on cabinets, furniture or other materials, the machine adapts to different edge banding needs. As long as the material can be bonded to the workpiece, it'll work just fine.

Is an edge banding machine suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! They are easy to use when you get used to them. A simple interface and a basic design makes them easy to operate, even if you've never used one before. You can get great results with very little experience as long as you follow the manual.

How long will an edge banding machine last?

Edge banding machines are built for years of heavy use and of course, they benefit from maintenance and care. If you look after it, it will look after you for as many years as you need it to.

Do I need any training to use an edge bander machine?

No! They are user-friendly, but you should still read the manual and safety tips before use. That's really the best way to safely get the most out of the machine.