Get to know - South Bend woodworking machinery

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Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft is proud to be an 'authorized Grizzly dealer', the parent company of South Bend.

South Bend is a name steeped in manufacturing history, tracing its roots back to 1906 when it embarked on a journey as a manufacturer of metalworking lathes. Over the years, South Bend's machines have left an indelible mark on various industries, supporting endeavors ranging from scientific labs to naval ships and small workshops.

A Legacy of Excellence:

South Bend's legacy is one of innovation, precision, and unwavering quality. By 1930, the company had achieved the remarkable feat of producing nearly 50% of all engine lathes in the United States, earning a place as an integral part of numerous sectors. With a global reach that extended to 88 countries, South Bend became synonymous with excellence in machine tools.

In recent years, under the visionary ownership of Shiraz Balolia, South Bend has witnessed a resurgence, recapturing the glory of its earlier days. The product range has expanded to include high-end milling machines, surface grinders, metal bandsaws, and an array of metalworking accessories. This rejuvenation reaffirms South Bend's commitment to providing top-quality machinery for modern applications.

A Century of Accomplishments:

South Bend machines have played pivotal roles in some of the most significant achievements of the past century. From automotive and aerospace giants like Ford, Chevrolet, Lockheed (then Lougheed), and Boeing to groundbreaking inventors like Thomas Edison, South Bend lathes have left their mark. They've been instrumental in building railways, hydraulic dams, and during wartime, they found themselves aboard battleships, army trucks, and on the battlefield, helping rebuild tanks and equipment.

In the space race, South Bend machines contributed to the construction of the first American manned rockets, culminating in the historic moon landing. Military aircraft, computers, servers, satellites, and more have all benefited from South Bend's precision equipment. Even NASA continues to rely on their modern lathes.

Today, South Bend machinery can be found in cutting-edge industrial research and development laboratories, assisting in the creation of the next generation of technology, from motorsports to automated warehouse robots. The company's commitment to high precision remains steadfast.

South Bend's Modern Era:

With Shiraz Balolia at the helm, South Bend's focus has expanded to include high-end woodworking equipment, designed to meet the demands of the most discerning users who seek class and reliability in their machinery. South Bend's portfolio now caters to both woodworking and metalworking needs, delivering quality that stands the test of time.

South Bend Tools is headquartered in Bellingham, WA, with a national parts warehouse located in Springfield, MO, ensuring efficient service to customers across the nation. This legacy of excellence and innovation is what awaits you at Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft. Explore our range of South Bend machinery and take your craft to new heights with equipment that has a century of success behind it. Your journey to precision and quality starts here.