Get to know - Grizzly Industrial woodworking machinery

Grizzly industrial is headed by its president, Mr. Shiraz Balolia.

See him tell his story here:

Mr. Balolia was originally born and grew up in Kenya as the youngest of 4 children.

He moved to North America as a young married man with a young son.

In 1983, Mr. Balolia embarked on his journey in the world of industrial machinery by founding Grizzly Industrial. What began as a personal hobby, refurbishing and selling metal lathes, quickly turned into a thriving business. Recognizing a growing demand for quality machinery, he forged strategic partnerships with overseas factories, bringing cutting-edge equipment under the Grizzly banner.

Back in those early days, the business was a one-man show, run right out of his trusty Volkswagen van. Fast forward 37 years, and Grizzly has evolved into a powerhouse in the industry. With over 300 dedicated professionals, the company boasts multiple showrooms and warehouses across the United States. Not confined to American soil, Grizzly has also established a significant presence with offices in Taiwan and China.

It's a remarkable journey from humble beginnings to a global force in the world of industrial machinery, and it's a testament to Mr. Balolia's vision and determination.

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