South Bend Wood Lathe (SB1126) - 18" x 40" Variable-Speed

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Overview of the South Bend Wood Lathe

With the South Bend Wood Lathe (SB1126) you get variable speed, so that's handy for different wood species and larger diameters. Second, it sits on a very stable cast-iron bed with safety features like dual emergency stops and, you get a built-in chisel holder so you can stay organized. So, it's a straightforward, efficient, 40 inch wood lathe that's designed for real work.

South Bend SB1126 Variable Speed Control

The SB1126 has a dynamic variable speed lathe mechanism. This system makes adjustments easy, with speeds from 50 to 900 RPM on the low range and 170 to 3200 RPM on the high. Thus, users can adjust the speed to meet each project's specific needs, ensuring outstanding outcomes.

Enhanced Functionality in a 40 inch wood lathe

This 40-inch wood lathe goes beyond size; it improves your workspace. It features an auxiliary bed for bowl turning, broadening your creative options. Also, it has easy-to-use forward and reverse spindle controls, making it simple to change directions during projects.

South Bend Precision and Support

The South Bend SB1126 has a precision-ground cast-iron bed. This foundation, together with the bed extension, offers solid support for your workpiece, ensuring stability during turning. Lastly, the lathe features 10-degree spindle indexing for precise positioning, vital for detailed tasks.

Key Features:

  • Motor: 3 HP, 220V, three-phase, with an 8.5A draw
  • Speed: Variable, ranging from 50 to 3200 RPM
  • Swing over bed: 18 inches, extending to 35-1/2 inches with the bed extension
  • Spindle: 1-1/4" x 8 TPI with MT#2 taper
  • Tailstock: MT#2 taper for consistent alignment
  • Dimensions: 69-1/2" length, 23-1/2" width, 50" height
  • Weight: Approximately 615 lbs.

This model is practical and includes built-in chisel holders and a dual emergency stop for extra safety. It also comes with a detailed manual, making it easy to use.

Customer and Technical Support for your South Bend Lathe

For help, especially with orders and delivery, please visit the 'Contact' page of Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft. If you have technical questions, the South Bend Technical Support Team is always here to assist you.

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