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Introducing Stern Multi Spur Forstner Bits

Stern Multi-Spur Forstner Bits are professional grade saw tooth forstner bits for demanding woodworking projects. They have a unique toothed rim pattern to cool the bit during a cut. That way the tooth tip is the only part in contact with the wood at any time.

Fast Cutting with Low Friction

Saw tooth forstner bits give you a fast cut with less heat build up, that's one of the big advantages of a multi spur forstner bit.

That way, you can use them at a slightly higher speed for faster cuts than a standard bit. Saw tooth bits are also guided by their rim rather than just the center. Therefore they can bore an arc of a circle without being affected by wood grain or knots. So, you get a a clean, flat-bottom hole exactly where you want it.

Multi Spur Forstner Bits come in Wide Range of Sizes

Rim guided forstner bits come in multiple sizes, so you can build a collection to suit your needs.

Stern Counterbore Accessory

Stern created a new accessory for Multi-Spur Forstner Bits. It's a Counterbore attachment that lets you make wider holes without switching bits. This helps you align a nut or washer perfectly with the main hole, without extra steps.

This tool saves a lot of time when you need neat, forstner drill bits for wood or composites. Also, the Counterbore Forstner Bit works well for complex projects and ensures perfect alignment, even without a drill press.

Adding this tool makes the Multi-Spur Forstner Bit even more useful. It can do more than regular drilling tasks.

Key Features:

  • Professional Grade: Suits both professionals and hobbyists.
  • Unique Cooling Design: Toothed rim cools bit, extends life.
  • Efficient Cutting: Fast, low-friction saw tooth design.
  • Precise Guidance: Rim-guided for clean, precise arcs and holes.
  • Wide Size Range: Multiple sizes for diverse projects.
  • Innovative Accessory: Counterbore bit for easy, aligned larger holes.
  • Time Saver: Reduces bit-switching, streamlines drilling.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for various materials and without a drill press.
  • Essential Tool: Must-have for precise, efficient woodworking.

Summary: Saw tooth Forstner Bits for Every Woodworker

In summary, Stern Multi-Spur Forstner Bits and the Counterbore accessory are top-quality and versatile for all woodworkers. Stern forstner drill bits for wood are fast, accurate, and easy to use.

Whether working on a big project or a cutting board, Stern tools help you achieve excellent results. They are essential for any woodworker's toolkit, guaranteeing success and satisfaction in your projects.

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