Lower Extensions for Panel Saws & Panel Saw/Router Combo's

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The Lower Extensions for Safety Speed Panel Saws & Panel Saw/Router Combos are a practical solution to enhance your woodworking workspace.

Delivered as a pair, these extensions effortlessly expand the capacity of your equipment. With each extension adding an extra 22 inches to the material rollers on both sides, you gain the flexibility to handle larger panels and materials with ease.

Designed with efficiency in mind, these lower extensions eliminate the challenges associated with processing oversized panels

Whether you're a professional woodworker tackling substantial projects or a hobbyist looking for greater versatility, these extensions provide the extra support you need for seamless and precise woodworking.

Say goodbye to the constraints of limited space and experience enhanced productivity with Safety Speed Lower Extensions.

Choose the 6430 model for 6400, 6800, SR5U, 3400, 7000 vertical panel saws & panel saw/router combination machines.

Choose the H30 model for C4, 6480-20C, C5, H4, H5, H6, SR5 vertical panel saws & panel saw/router combination machines.



1. How do the Lower Extensions enhance my woodworking equipment? The Safety Speed Lower Extensions attach to your Panel Saw or Panel Saw/Router Combo, extending the material roller space by 22 inches on each side. This expansion enables you to comfortably handle larger panels and materials, making it ideal for projects that demand extra space.

2. Are these Lower Extensions compatible with specific Safety Speed models? Yes, these extensions are designed to work seamlessly with Safety Speed Panel Saws and Panel Saw/Router Combo units. They are built to be compatible with a range of models to accommodate different woodworking needs.

3. Can I install the Lower Extensions myself, or do I need professional assistance? Installing the Lower Extensions is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. The process typically does not require professional assistance, and Safety Speed provides clear instructions to ensure a hassle-free installation experience.

4. Do the Lower Extensions affect the stability and durability of my woodworking equipment? No, the Lower Extensions are engineered to maintain the stability and durability of your woodworking equipment. Safety Speed has designed them to seamlessly integrate with your existing setup, ensuring that your machinery retains its reliable performance.

5. Are there any additional benefits to using the Lower Extensions besides accommodating larger materials? Besides expanding the material capacity, these extensions provide enhanced convenience and efficiency in handling a wide range of panel sizes. They are a valuable addition for projects that demand precision and ease of use.