Grinder Tool Rest with (optional) Straight Grinding Jig (sold separately)

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Enhanced Precision Grinding with the 'Bench Grinder & Tool Rest'. Say goodbye to ineffective tool support! This versatile tool rest mounts easily and quickly to any workbench and is compatible with 6-inch and 8-inch utility 'Bench Grinders' and 'Belt Sanders' up to 1" wide.

The compatible ‘Straight Grinding Jig’ is the perfect solution for maximum efficiency when ‘Grinding Tool Rests’ are setup on multiple machines so it's sold separately! That way there’s no need to purchase multiple straight grinding jigs when you only need one.

This is a solid and square rest, designed for safety, accuracy, stability & repeatability.

Enjoy a huge amount of adjustment with slotted arms that will lock it securely in position along with spring-loaded handles that can be rotated out of the way after locking. Made from precision-machined, anodized aluminum construction.

To further enhance your grinding experience, the Bench Grinder with Tool Rest includes an angle-setting gauge. This invaluable accessory simplifies the process of setting the table to common bevel angles, such as 20°, 25°, 30°, and 35°. With this gauge, you can save time and effort, ensuring consistent and accurate results without the need for guesswork.

A major weakness of most 'Bench Grinders' and 'Belt Sanders' is that their tool rests often seem like an afterthought. Finding one with a reliable, solid and square tool rest is nearly impossible.

The 'Bench Grinder Tool Rest' is designed to address this common issue. It is quite simply, a reliable and effective solution for precise grinding results.

A major reason the Straight Edge Grinding Jig is sold separately is that many users prefer to buy multiple tool rests. This allows them to set one up for each grinding wheel and/or sanding belt, minimizing setup time and maximizing workshop efficiency. You can use the Straight Grinding Jig without adjusting each of the rests. This setup enables optimal grinding and sanding results with minimal effort or time.

With its user-friendly mounting design, the tool rest can be effortlessly attached to any workbench. Whether you're using a 6-inch or 8-inch utility bench grinder, a belt sander or any other powered abrasive tool up to 1-inch wide, this tool rest is compatible and ready to elevate your grinding experience.

Achieving precise grinding results requires flexibility, and the Bench Grinder Tool Rest delivers exactly that. It offers a wide range of angle and height adjustments to suit your needs. This adjustability ensures consistent and accurate grinding every time. Once you've set your desired position, the spring-loaded gyratory handles securely lock the tool rest in place, providing exceptional stability and minimizing vibration during operation.

Crafted with utmost precision, the Bench Grinder & Tool Rest is made from high-quality, precision-machined, anodized aluminum. This construction guarantees durability and long-lasting performance, even under demanding grinding conditions. 

Get superior results from your woodworking projects with the 'Bench Grinder & Tool Rest'. Made in Canada.


Q: Which one is the tool rest and which is the straight grinding jig?

A: Make your selection from the drop down option and the image will change to clarify what your selection looks like.

Q: Can I use the Bench Grinder & Tool Rest on any workbench?

A: Absolutely! it mounts easily to any workbench, providing a solid and square rest for accurate grinding.

Q: What size grinders and sanders is it compatible with?

A: The tool rest is designed to work seamlessly with 6" or 8" utility bench grinders and belt sanders, offering exceptional versatility in your workshop.

Q: How wide is the table and what jigs can it accommodate?

A: The 4" wide table can accommodate wheels or sanding belts up to 1" wide. It features grooves for your 'Sliding Jigs' and a center-drilled pinhole for 'Rotating Jigs', providing you with various options for enhancing your grinding capabilities.

Q: Can I use multiple Bench Grinder & Tool Rests with a single Straight Grinding Jig?

A: Absolutely! The straight grinding jig is sold separately, allowing you to use multiple Bench Grinder & Tool Rests set to different angles on different grinder wheels or sanding belts with a single Straight Grinding Jig. This provides enhanced versatility and efficiency in your grinding operations.

Q: Where is the Bench Grinder & Tool Rest made?

A: The Bench Grinder & Tool Rest is made in Canada.