Grinder Tool Rest with (optional) Straight Grinding Jig (sold separately)

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Transform your sharpening process with our innovative solution! Say goodbye to endless hours of frustration and hello to precision and efficiency.

Tired of chipped chisels and plane blades ruining your woodworking projects? With our straight grinding jig, you can quickly and easily sharpen your tools to perfection.

Designed to work with most bench grinders, our straight-grinding jig is the ultimate solution for woodworkers everywhere.

Simply position the base in front of your grinder wheel, screw it down, and you're ready to go.

Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of using a slower water grinder or stone setup and hello to a faster, more efficient solution.

To maximize your sharpening experience, the Tool Rest and Straight Grinding Jig are sold separately, so you can use one straight grinding jig with multiple tool rests, for different grinding wheels.

Take your woodworking skills to new heights and elevate your projects with precision and accuracy.

Order now and join the ranks of the world's great woodworkers!