Dust kits for Vertical Panel Saws & Panel Saw/Router Combination machines

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The Safety Speed Dust Kit is a valuable accessory designed to enhance the dust management capabilities of your Safety Speed machine.

By connecting your machine to any vacuum or dust collector, the kit contributes to a cleaner, safer work environment.

With the kit you get a hose, elbow, dust tube, and dust hat.

Compatibility is a key feature of the Safety Speed Dust Kit, as it can be seamlessly integrated with a range of Safety Speed machines.

Whether you're using a C4, 6480-20C, C5, H4, H5, H6, 6400, 6800, Milwaukee Tool 6480-20 with Dust Port, SR5, or SR5U, this kit can be adapted to suit your specific machine.


  1. Is the Safety Speed Dust Kit difficult to install?

    • No, the kit is designed for ease of installation. It comes with clear instructions, and basic mechanical skills are usually sufficient to set it up. However, if you encounter any difficulties, it's advisable to consult the user manual for your specific Safety Speed machine.
  2. What are the benefits of using the Safety Speed Dust Kit?

    • The primary benefit is improved dust management. By connecting your machine to a vacuum or dust collector, you can significantly reduce airborne dust particles, contributing to a cleaner and healthier workspace. Additionally, this kit helps maintain the longevity of your machine by preventing dust from accumulating within its internal components.
  3. Can I use my own vacuum or dust collector with this kit?

    • Yes, the Safety Speed Dust Kit is designed to be compatible with a variety of vacuum and dust collector models. You can select the one that best suits your needs and connect it to the kit for efficient dust extraction. Be sure to check the compatibility of your chosen vacuum or collector with the kit before purchase.
  4. Is the kit compatible with older Safety Speed machine models not listed in the product description?

    • While the Safety Speed Dust Kit is primarily designed for the listed models, it may be possible to adapt it for use with older machine versions. Feel free to Contact us for assistance.

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Randy Martin
worked great

bolted right on and worked perfectly