Smoothing Plane A3 by Axminster Rider

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Smooth Sailing: Introducing the Axminster Rider A3 Smoothing Plane

It's satisfying to use a smooth bench plane when you're also saving time and effort. The #3 smoothing plane, once properly set up, will slice through wood fibers so well that you won't need to sand. Furthermore, the Axminster Rider A3, is slightly smaller, easier to use and easier to carry than a #4.

Let's take a quick look at the features and benefits before diving into the details:

Features of the A3 smoothing plane

  • Blade: Crafted from O1 high-carbon steel, this 3mm (~1/8") thick blade is hardened to HRC 61-64. Its 25° bevel ensures optimal performance with minimal prep time.
  • Body: Constructed from ductile iron, known for its resistance to impact.
  • Sole: With a flat and precise sole, this plane guarantees accuracy in every pass. Furthermore, sides are a true 90º to the sole.
  • Control: Equipped with adjustable frog, depth, and lateral blade control for easy setup.
  • Handles: Comfortable hard wood handles offer stability in use.
  • Hardware: Featuring a solid brass cap iron and adjusting nut for easy setup and adjustment.

Specifications of the A3 smoothing plane

  • Blade Material: British-made O1 high-carbon steel
  • Blade Thickness: 3mm (~1/8")
  • Blade Hardness: HRC 61-64
  • Body Material: Ductile iron
  • Handle Material: Hardwood
  • Bevel Angle: 25°

Why we love this indispensable #3 plane

The Axminster Rider A3 smooth bench plane is a nice problem solver. It packs a lot into a small space so it's handy when you're in a tight space, but somehow it's also well made and easy to carry with you. With its razor-sharp blade and simple adjustment, the Rider smoothing bench plane makes it easy to achieve a silky smooth surface.

An easy to use smoothing plane

The Axminster Rider A3 Smoothing Plane is easy to use because it fits comfortably in your hand, allowing for precise control during planing. Plus, its adjustable blade depth and lateral adjustment lever make it simple to achieve the perfect shaving thickness and smooth finish on your woodworking projects.


Fine Finishes

Despite being a little smaller, the #3 smoothing plane can deliver the same superb finish as a #4. Plus, its sharp blade and precise adjustment make it easy to achieve a silky smooth surface. Even when tackling tricky grain patterns, this plane shines, ensuring flawless results every time.


The compact size of the #3 smoothing plane makes it easy to take an A3 with you wherever you go. This ensures consistent results regardless of location, allowing for uninterrupted workflow and convenience on the go.


Reduced Effort

Because of its smaller size, the #3 smoothing plane requires less physical effort to use compared to larger planes. Consequently, this can help reduce fatigue during prolonged use. As a result, woodworkers can work more efficiently and comfortably, without sacrificing precision or quality.


So whether you're a seasoned craftsman or a weekend warrior, the Axminster Rider A3 smoothing bench plane is your secret weapon.

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