Shoulder Plane & Chisel Plane 3/4 inch combo

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Introducing the Axminster Rider 3/4-inch Shoulder Plane and Chisel Plane combo.

The Axminster Rider 3/4-inch Shoulder Plane and Chisel Plane is a two for one deal. That's because your Axminster Shoulder Plane is also a Precision Chisel Plane in one handy tool. Furthermore, it's a comfortable tool, with a finger recess on each side and a rounded palm to resist fatigue. Moreover, the 3/4" (19mm) full width blade offers a micro-adjustable depth with an adjustable mouth for precision work.

Best shoulder plane for precision engineering

Sides and sole are precision ground flat and exactly 90º for accurate results. Furthermore, the blade is oil quenched, high-carbon spring steel, hardened to HRC 63. That's because HRC 63 offers increased wear resistance, improved edge retention, better cutting performance, strength and durability.

Lets take a look at the stats before we dive into the details...


  • A 19mm (3/4-inch) wide blade hardened to HRC 63
  • Precision machined sole and sides for accurate 90º dimensioning
  • Adjustable mouth to control cut thickness & reduce tearout
  • Converts into a chisel plane for glue removal and cleaning stopped dados
  • Full width blade for fine tuning shoulders, tenons and more...
  • Micro-Adjustable cut depth for precision, control and versatility

The Axminster Shoulder Plane is a 2 for 1 deal

The Axminster Rider Shoulder Plane/Chisel Plane Combo combines the benefits of both a shoulder plane and a chisel plane in one tool, offering a unique 2-in-1 functionality. This versatility proves particularly useful for fine joinery work for several reasons:

  1. Efficiency: Fine joinery can mean trimming tenon shoulders, cleaning up rabbets, or fine-tuning joints. So a multi-use tool can save you time searching for or needing more than one tool for the job.

  2. Space-saving: Most wood shops crave extra storage. So a tool that's capable of doing the job of multiple tools is an obvious space saver.

  3. Consistency: Using the same tool for related tasks ensures consistent results across the project, minimizing discrepancies and ensuring tight-fitting joints.

  4. Adaptability: Different joinery tasks may need different approaches. So the ability to convert from a shoulder plane to a chisel plane allows you to adapt to the task at hand without switching tools.

  5. No compromises: Both shoulder planes and chisel planes are designed for precise material removal and shaping. Switching between functions with one tool means using the right tool every time without having to compromise.

In summary, the Axminster Rider Shoulder Plane/Chisel Plane Combo offers you a convenient, space-saving, and versatile solution for fine joinery work, allowing you to achieve consistent, precise results across a variety of tasks without the need for multiple specialized tools.

The Best Shoulder Plane for Comfort and functionality

The Axminster Rider 2-in-1 shoulder plane and chisel plane offers a finger recess and a rounded palm. That way the user can experience ergonomic comfort during prolonged use. So hand fatigue won't affect your precision and control during fine woodworking tasks.

The 3/4" (19mm) wide blade offers maximum versatility for precise cuts over more surface area when working on wider joinery. Furthermore, a micro-adjust feature means you can dial in paper thin shavings or remove more material if needed.

The adjustable front end and mouth will enable you to adjust the tool to suit different wood species and cutting requirements.

In summary

The Axminster Rider 2-in-1 Shoulder Plane and Chisel Plane combo is highly desirable for precision joinery and furniture making due to its versatile functionality and ergonomic design.

With features like a 3/4" (19mm) full-width blade for precise cuts, micro-adjustable depth, and an adjustable mouth, it offers the flexibility and accuracy necessary for fine woodworking tasks.

Its ability to transition seamlessly between shoulder plane and chisel plane modes streamlines workflow, making it an indispensable tool for achieving meticulous craftsmanship in joinery and furniture construction.

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