About us

As a young boy, Mark was given a magnificent rocking horse for Christmas. It was a beautiful creation, with a leather saddle, stirrups, and a mane of real horse hair.

Years later, Mark discovered that his grandfather, Arthur Newton Sr., had crafted this cherished toy using only a few hand tools and no advanced woodworking equipment. Despite those limitations, Arthur's incredible attention to detail had turned those wooden blocks into a stunning and realistic representation of a horse for his then 2-year-old grandson.

Arthur, a talented, traditional joiner, carpenter, and cabinetmaker, imparted his skills to Mark. However, with six children to raise, Mark's father couldn't pursue this profession. But Mark picked up where his grandfather and father left off, and in 2014 he founded Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft.

In a short time, Mark's business flourished, crafting extraordinary wooden furniture for discerning clients. In 2019, he also started providing the necessary tools to other skilled craftsmen who shared his passion for quality woodwork.

At Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft, we understand the importance of pride in one's work and strive to provide the same level of care and attention that Arthur once gave to a rocking horse for his grandson. We offer a range of tools, from drill bits to vertical panel saws, to meet the needs of carpenters and contractors alike.

Welcome to our online store. Browse, shop, create, and enjoy. Thank you for choosing Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft, where quality is more than just a catchphrase.