About us

As a child, Mark was given a rocking horse for Christmas.

It had a leather saddle, stirrups, and real horse hair.

Years later he found out that his grandfather had made it.

With no power tools... No wood shop to speak of at the time... and, a few hand tools, Arthur Newton (sr.) turned wooden blocks into a horse for his 2 year old grandson.

His attention to detail was incredible.

Arthur, a quiet man, was a skilled, traditional, Joiner, Carpenter, and Cabinetmaker.

Marks father didn't get to follow in those footsteps. Six children will make that decision for you.

That (as it would turn out) was up to Mark...

Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft came to life in 2014 when an empty space became a professional wood shop.

Within a few years we'd made some extraordinary wooden furniture for some equally extraordinary clients.

In 2019 we started to put the right tools into the hands of craftsmen with the desire to use them.


Whether you're a carpenter trying to find a good dovetail saw or a Contractor in need of a set of plug cutters, we've got you covered.

We'll give you the same attention and care that an old man once gave to a toy for his grandson.

Welcome to Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft... Where pride in your work counts for something and quality is more than a tagline!

Browse, Shop, Create, Enjoy and thank you for being here.