Different Types of Bandsaws for Woodworking

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Bandsaws for Woodworking

When it comes to precision and versatility, bandsaws stand out as indispensable companions. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the diverse world of bandsaws for woodworking, exploring their various types and applications. Whether you're a seasoned craftsman or a budding DIY enthusiast, understanding the nuances of each bandsaw is crucial for unlocking your creative potential. Stay tuned as we spotlight some of the finest options available, including our exclusive selection here at Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft, ensuring you find the perfect bandsaw for woodworking excellence.

Shop Fox Benchtop Bandsaw

Benchtop Bandsaw

Compact and versatile, the benchtop bandsaw is an ideal choice for small workshops and DIY enthusiasts. Its portability allows for ease of movement, making it suitable for light to medium-duty cutting tasks. Despite its smaller size, this bandsaw delivers precision and efficiency, making it a practical addition to any woodworking toolkit.

Stationary Bandsaw the G0555 14" bandsaw by Grizzly

Stationary Bandsaw

Step up to the stationary bandsaw for increased power and stability. Larger and more robust than benchtop models, the stationary bandsaw is fixed to a stand or workbench. This design ensures stability during heavier woodworking tasks, making it the go-to choice for resawing and cutting through thick stock with precision.

An example of a Vertical Bandsaw. The G0513 17" 2HP Bandsaw by Grizzly

Vertical Bandsaw

The vertical bandsaw stands out with its blade positioned vertically. This configuration makes it perfect for intricate and detailed cuts, commonly used in contour cutting and specialized tasks. Woodworkers seeking precision in their projects will appreciate the vertical bandsaw's ability to handle fine work with ease.

An example of a Horizontal Bandsaw, the Grizzly G0503 12" 20HP Horizontal Resaw Bandsaw

Horizontal Bandsaw

For those focused on straight cuts and handling long pieces of material, the horizontal bandsaw is the tool of choice. With its blade positioned horizontally, this bandsaw excels in making accurate, straight cuts. While popular in metalworking, it also finds its place in woodworking when dealing with larger, unwieldy materials.

An example of an industrial Horizontal Resaw bandsaw. The Grizzly G0504 16" 30HP Bandsaw

Resaw Bandsaw

Specifically crafted for resawing, the process of cutting boards along their thickness, the resaw bandsaw features a powerful motor and a wider blade. This design allows for efficient and precise resawing, making it a crucial tool for creating thinner boards and maximizing the utility of your wood stock.


A Horizontal/Vertical AKA Double Duty Bandsaw example, the G9742 by Grizzly

Double-Duty Bandsaw

Versatility takes center stage with the double-duty bandsaw. Designed primarily for metal cutting, they function both vertically and horizontally. This bandsaw accommodates various cutting tasks. Craftsmen benefit from the flexibility to switch between orientations, offering a comprehensive solution for a range of projects.

A Cabinet Bandsaw, the G0569 by Grizzly. Available from Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft

Cabinet Bandsaw

For professional woodworking shops demanding heavy-duty performance, the cabinet bandsaw delivers. With a larger cutting capacity and enhanced features for precision and control, this bandsaw is a staple in the toolkit of serious woodworkers. Its robust design ensures reliability in demanding applications.


An example of a Hybrid Bandsaw, the W1706 by Shop Fox. Benchtop portability with more features.

Hybrid Bandsaw

Combining the best features of benchtop and cabinet bandsaws, the hybrid bandsaw caters to serious hobbyists and small professional shops. Offering a balance between power, portability, and features, this bandsaw is a versatile choice for those seeking high-performance capabilities without the footprint of a full-sized cabinet model.

Bandsaws for Woodworking by Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft

As you explore the diverse world of bandsaws, consider your specific woodworking needs to find the perfect match for your projects. Here we showcase some of the exceptional bandsaws available here at Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft, ensuring you make an informed choice for your woodworking endeavors. Our mission is to deliver top-tier woodworking machinery, hand tools, accessories, and supplies to both enthusiasts and professionals alike. 

The Grizzly Bench Top Band Saw G0803Z The Grizzly G0514X Mid Range Bandsaw Grizzly G0504 - 16" 30 HP 3-Phase Dual Conveyor Horizontal Resaw Bandsaw


Discover precision like never before with our selection of Grizzly bandsaws. Renowned for their commitment to quality and innovation, Grizzly machines elevate your woodworking experience. From intricate scrollwork to heavy-duty resawing, Grizzly bandsaws guarantee the accuracy and flawless finish that every craftsman desires.


Shop Fox W1878 - 9" Benchtop Bandsaw Shop Fox W1729 - 19" 2 HP Bandsaw Shop Fox W1770 - 21" 5 HP Bandsaw

Shop Fox

In the realm of woodworking excellence, Shop Fox bandsaws stand as the epitome of meticulous design and superior craftsmanship. These machines, readily available in our collection, empower woodworkers to achieve remarkably smooth and precise cuts. If you seek a true ally in your woodworking endeavors, look no further than Shop Fox for a seamless blend of quality and performance.


South Bend SB1080 - 16" 3 HP Heavy-Duty Resaw Bandsaw South Bend SB1123 - 24" 7-1/2 HP Industrial-Duty Resaw Bandsaw

South Bend

Step into a realm where precision seamlessly blends with durability with our South Bend bandsaw offerings. Known for producing high-quality machinery for woodworking and metalworking, South Bend brings you bandsaws that excel in even the most demanding tasks. Built to endure, these machines stand as a testament to the long-term value of your investment.

Find the Perfect Bandsaw for Woodworking at Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft

If you're in search of the perfect bandsaw for your woodworking needs, look no further than Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft. Our carefully curated collection of bandsaws is designed to meet the diverse requirements of woodworkers at every skill level. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting on your woodworking journey, our selection offers quality and precision that you can trust. Explore our range of bandsaws for woodworking, and should you have any questions or concerns, our team is here to assist you. Contact us today to experience the excellence that sets Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft apart in providing top-notch tools for woodworking enthusiasts.


What is a band saw used for in woodworking?

A bandsaw is a versatile woodworking tool used for making intricate curved cuts, ripping lumber, and resawing thick boards into thinner pieces. Its ability to create detailed and precise cuts makes it essential for various woodworking tasks.

How thick of wood can a bandsaw cut?

The thickness of wood a bandsaw can cut depends on the size and capacity of the specific bandsaw model. Generally, bandsaws can handle cuts ranging from a few inches up to a foot or more, allowing for versatility in woodworking projects.

What is the 4-inch rule for bandsaw?

The 4-inch rule for bandsaws refers to the minimum radius of curvature a bandsaw blade can achieve. This means that if you need to make a curved cut, the bandsaw should be able to handle a curve with a minimum radius of 4 inches.

Can I find replacement parts for your bandsaws if needed?

Yes, we offer a range of replacement parts for our bandsaws. Whether you need a new blade, blade guides, or other components, we can assist you in finding the right parts to keep your bandsaw in optimal condition.

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