The Rebel W2000 Router Table

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The Rebel W2000 Router Table: Full spec, No compromises!

The Rebel W2000 router table is all about reliability. First, you get the same quality, whether you're trimming one edge or a full production run. Second, this woodworking router table top is precision-ground cast iron, not a wood composite. Finally, the base is solid aluminum to keep it stable at the proper work height.

Do everything with the Rebel Router Table

With your Rebel router table you can joint, rabbet, slot, flute, cove, bead, miter, mold, tenon or perform any other task necessary for fine quality woodworking. So it won't matter whether you're starting out with the basics or working on complex designs. As a result, your W2000 can do it all and then some.

Innovative Features of the Rebel Router Table

It's impressive how much you can do with the Rebel W2000 router table. Firstly, freehand work is easy and safe with the starting pin in place. Secondly, for making parts, you can remove the fence and use a pattern jig. Thirdly, you can add a stop block for stop dados and rabbets. Finally, you can shape an edge with the fence in place to give you any look you want.

Key Specifications:

  • Precision ground Cast Iron Table Top
  • Two-piece, adjustable locking infeed and outfeed fence
  • Height adjustable clear 3" dust collection & safety guard
  • Easy assembly and setup
  • Adjustable rubber feet
  • Pre-assembled precision miter gauge
  • Optional safety switch
  • Designed to work with almost any powered router
  • Fully adjustable insert leveling system
  • Supports various aftermarket accessories

The best wood router table service and support

At Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft, we're dedicated to your satisfaction. So for customer service inquiries especially ordering and fulfillment, click HERE to let us know how we can help you.

Furthermore, if you need technical help for your woodworking router table, the Woodstock Technical team is available on (800) 840-8420 or

In Conclusion:

The rebel W2000 router table is built to do anything you could possibly need of a router table. Add another dimension to your wood shop!

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