The 7000 Panel Saw by Safety Speed

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The 7000 Panel Saw is a heavy-duty cutting machine designed for demanding cutting operations.

Equipped with high induction motors and precision machined components, this machine is built to last and perform for extended periods without maintenance.

The 7000 Panel Saw delivers accurate and precise cuts, with a tolerance of within .015” straight and square, up to 2” thick.

Ideal for businesses with multiple operators and continuous cutting operations, this machine is guaranteed to bring a strong return on investment.


  • Three different high-induction saw motor configurations
  • Heavy-Duty welded steel frame
  • Low voltage switch protection
  • Saw blade
  • Vertical and horizontal rulers
  • Quick change from vertical to horizontal cutting
  • Integrated stand
  • Solid aluminum rollers
  • Dust collection ready
  • Hold down bar
  • Enclosed counterweight
  • Quick stop gauges with a stop block
  • Floating pressure saw foot
  • Wheels
  • 3-year warranty

Accessories: The 7000 Panel Saw comes with a dust collection kit, wheels, 5’ (right) & 8’ (left) QUICK STOP®, and a saw blade included in the price.

Upgrade your cutting operations today with the 7000 Panel Saw.

With its heavy-duty induction motors, precision components, and integrated accessories, this machine is a must-have for businesses looking for longevity, efficiency, and accuracy.

Purchase the 7000 Panel Saw today and take advantage of its 3-year warranty!