Steel backed dovetail saw

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This is a steel-backed dovetail saw with a straight, polished handle.

The handle style is popular because you can cut horizontally or vertically without twisting your wrist for a much more comfortable grip.

The saw is 250mm (9.6") long and it has 15 TPI (teeth per inch), cutting a 1.3mm (less than 1/16") kerf.

Made by legendary European tool manufacturer "Two Cherries".

This is one of our top-selling products for good reason. Two Cherries know that a $200+ dovetail saw is out of the question for most of us so...

Using professional quality materials, they offer a saw that cuts right out of the box but if you want to get the most out of it, some initial setup will get you there.

If you're a craftsman and you'd rather file, cut, and set your own dovetail saw teeth before you use it, this really is, a premium-quality saw for under $40.