SPM301HD Screw Pocket Machine by Safety Speed

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Transform your woodworking experience with the SPM301 Screw Pocket Machine from Safety Speed. This powerful and precise tool is perfect for large-scale production and small, one-off projects alike.


  • Cam-driven action for fast, smooth cutting performance under complete mechanical control
  • Pilot drill and router bit cut at the same time, reducing cycle time without sacrificing cut quality
  • Simple back fence, stop rail, and depth adjustment features for quick and easy setup and adjustment
  • Built-in analog depth gauge for changing material thickness in just seconds
  • Manufactured completely in the USA with heavy-duty construction built to be a workhorse
  • Requires only standard 110 VAC and 1-2 CFM compressed air at 80 PSI for easy integration into any workshop setup

Plus, you can enjoy peace of mind with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.

Don't wait any longer to increase your productivity and precision. Buy now and experience the benefits of the SPM301 Screw Pocket Machine for yourself!

Please note, the Optional Table Extension must be purchased at the time of ordering either the SPM301 or SPM301HD Screw Pocket Machine.