SPM301 Screw Pocket Machine by Safety Speed

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Introducing the SPM301 Screw Pocket Machine from Safety Speed - The ultimate solution for any woodworker looking for power, precision, and repeatability.


  • Cam-driven action for fast, smooth cutting performance under complete mechanical control
  • Pilot drill and router bit cut at the same time, reducing cycle time without sacrificing cut quality
  • Simple back fence, stop rail, and depth adjustment features for quick and easy setup and adjustment
  • Built-in analog depth gauge for changing material thickness in just seconds
  • Manufactured completely in the USA with heavy-duty construction built to be a workhorse
  • Requires only standard 110 VAC and 1-2 CFM compressed air at 80 PSI for easy integration into any workshop setup
  • Optional Table Extension providing a 48" working surface for processing larger panels. Available online for new machines only and must be purchased at the time of ordering either the SPM301 or SPM301HD Screw Pocket Machine.
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty for your peace of mind.

With the SPM301, you can significantly increase productivity and precision, whether you're working on a large-scale production or a small one-off project.

Don't wait any longer, buy now and experience the benefits of the SPM301 Screw Pocket Machine for yourself!