South Bend SB1216 - 6" Precision Drill Press Vise

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The South Bend 6" Precision Drill Press Vise is essential for accurate drill press work. If you value quality machine accessories and the reliability of tools that consistently deliver expected performance, the SB1216 Precision Drill Press Vises are for you.

These vises are specifically designed for precise setups and drilling. They feature Acme threads to maximize clamping pressure and ensure a long thread life. The handle is removable for socket use on the hex drive lead screw.

With hand-scraped ways that promote oil retention and guarantee smooth operation, each vise has a wide and stable base for ample clamping space. The hardened steel jaws are durable and suitable for heavy use.

Constructed to meet South Bend high-precision industrial standards, the instruction sheet is created by the U.S.-based Technical Documentation Department, packed with useful information.

Backed by a 2-year warranty covering parts and factory defects.

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  • Hardened steel jaws: Yes
  • Hand-scraped ways: Yes
  • Lead screw type: Acme thread
  • Epoxy paint: Yes
  • Net weight: 39 lbs.


  • Jaw width: 6 inches
  • Acme threads
  • Removable handle
  • Hand-scraped ways
  • Wide, stable base
  • Hardened steel jaws
  • Epoxy-coated cast-iron vise body
  • Replacement castings and lead screw not available separately

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