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Clearly, the hub and workhorse of any woodshop is a solid and reliable workbench. Here's a great example of just that.

With a 6′ 3.5” bench top, the PREMIUM PLUS model is a great choice for a mid to large-size woodshop. It comes with 2 vises, a face vise, and an end vise which will enable you to hold any workpiece on any of its 3 axes.

The front vice is 20 3/4” x 2 ¾  with 2 holes for bench dogs.

The classic tail vice is 18” x 5 1/2” with  3 holes for bench dogs on the back vice.

There are 16 bench dog holes along the front, (12 across the top, and 4  along the 3.5” bench front). The bench is manufactured using traditional finger joints for strength and durability.

There's a tool drawer for quick access storage. The tool well along the back of the bench is for tools you're currently using without them getting in the way or worse, being lost.

The Premium Plus is made of solid beech wood.

This Ramia workbench was manufactured in the Czech Republic. Ramia is a company with an impeccable 100+ year tradition of producing quality workbenches for professionals and hobbyists.

Being manufactured in The Czech Republic, all sizes are metric.


Total length

2120 mm

Worktop length

1920 mm

Total width

790 mm

Worktop width

620 mm

Working height

870 mm

Worktop thickness

50 mm

Apron depth

110 mm

Front vise (size/capacity)

520x70/190 mm

Side vise (size/capacity)

450x140/180 mm


91 kg

Shipping dimensions

2200x660x150 mm

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