Metric Forstner Bits - by 'Stern'

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Introducing our collection of Metric Forstner Bits

We're proud to offer a complete set of metric forstner drill bits, by 'Stern', a brand that's world renowned for precision tooling and quality.

A size for Every Application

Of course, our 35mm forstner bit is the most common size, that's because you'll need one for European-style concealed hinges.

Sizes we offer:

  • 10mm (13/32")
  • 18mm (23/32")
  • 20mm (25/32")
  • 22mm (7/8")
  • 24mm (15/16")
  • 25mm (1")
  • 26mm (1-1/32")
  • 27.8mm (1-3/32")
  • 28mm (1-7/64")
  • 30mm (1-3/16")
  • 32mm (1-1/4")
  • 34mm (1-11/32")
  • 35mm (1-3/8")
  • 36mm (1-27/64")
  • 38mm (1-1/2")
  • 40mm (1-37/64")
  • 42mm (1-21/32")
  • 44mm (1-3/4")
  • 45mm (1-49/64")
  • 46mm (1-13/16")
  • 48mm (1-57/64")
  • 50mm (1-31/32")

The versatility of a metric forstner drill bit set

If you just need to drill a hole through a piece of wood, our collection of twist drill bits will do that job for you.

However, if you need a hole with clean, burn free sides and a flat bottom a forstner bit is definitely the way to go.

Our collection of Forstner Bits meet the needs of professionals, craftsmen, and hobbyists alike. So you can achieve a perfectly flat bottom hole and clean arcs or circles in diameters from 10mm to 50mm.

A reliable cut, every time

Thanks to a rim-guided design, Stern bits easily slice through wood fibers without drifting, for a clean cut every time.

While a hand held power drill is great for something like a 20mm forstner bit, you'd need the power and stability of a drill press for larger bits.

Need a drill press? Check out our huge collection right HERE

A Metric forstner bit - For European style hardware

As the popularity of European hardware soars, metric sizes are becoming more important.

We offer a large Metric Forstner Bit set, because of the growing demand for these precise and reliable tools.

You're sure to find the size you need, whether you're using a smaller size to remove waste from a large mortise or a 40mm forstner bit for a clock face.

A complete set

Each Metric Forstner Bit in this collection is made to the same high quality as our Stern imperial-sized bits. So you can trust their craftsmanship and reliability to make every cut flawless.

Create your perfect Metric Forstner Drill Bit Set

Why not create your own Metric Forstner Bit Set by choosing the most important sizes for your needs.

Bit dimensions

The overall length of each bit is 90mm (3-35/64"), for enough reach for various woodworking applications.

(Shaft diameters - Bits up to 20mm have an 8mm shaft diameter, Bits from 22mm upwards have a 10mm shaft diameter)

Uses and applications

Whether you're working on cabinetry, furniture, or any other woodworking project, these bits will exceed your expectations.

Stern forstner bits offer exceptional quality, precision-engineered design, and compatibility with European-style concealed hinges. So they are a must-have for every woodworking enthusiast.

Upgrade your toolkit today and unleash your creativity with the finest Metric Forstner Bits available.


Q: What can I use a Metric Forstner Bits for?

A: They are made for precise and clean cuts in woodworking projects. As a result, they are commonly used for drilling flat-bottomed holes, creating arcs or circles, and working with European-style concealed hinges.

Q: Can I cut different wood species?

A: A forstner bit will cut the same hole in a range of materials, therefore, our bits are ideal for various wood species. Furthermore, adjusting the cutting speed for the wood's density will offer the best results.

Q: How do I select the right size Metric Forstner Bit for my project?

A: Metric Forstner Drill Bits should match or be slightly larger than the desired hole diameter. Therefore a variety of sizes will cater to different project requirements.

Q: Can I use a handheld drill?

A: While it is possible to use Metric Forstner Bits with a handheld drill, it is generally safer to use a drill press. Lastly, a drill press provides better stability and control for accurate drilling.

Q: Are these Metric Forstner Bits durable and long-lasting?

A: Stern's Metric Forstner Bits are manufactured to the highest standards. As a result, with proper care and maintenance, they can provide long-lasting performance.

Q: Are these Metric Forstner Bits suitable for professional use?

A: Absolutely! These bits are designed to meet the demanding standards of professional woodworkers while also being suitable for hobbyists. Because of that, they offer exceptional performance, precision, and reliability.

Q: How long does shipping take?

A: The average delivery time for our Metric Forstner Bits is around 2-4 days, but please note that actual shipping times can vary depending on the customer's shipping location.

Remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions and practice appropriate safety measures when using Metric Forstner Bits or any other woodworking tools.

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