Introduction to woodworking with Mark Newton

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Held in a typical, small, home-based woodshop in Woodland Hills CA.

This is an ideal introductory course for anyone wanting to learn the art of woodworking to make their own wooden furniture and accessories or to consider a career change.

Choose from a 1-day or a 2-day course to suit your budget and availability.

Day 1. Intro to the shop. You'll get to know the tooling and machinery used in woodworking. You'll gain a thorough understanding of what each tool is capable of and how to get the most out of them. We'll introduce a selection of hand and power tools.

We'll cover health and safety, and prepare you to treat all tools with the respect they deserve, allowing you to use them safely.

You'll also be introduced to the structure and composition of wood. You'll learn why moisture content is so important and why you can't just cut down a tree and make a table.

Day 2. Practical Stock Prep. You'll get to take a piece of rough hardwood and take it through the steps necessary to turn it into a perfectly dimensioned piece of wood.

You'll also be introduced to what it takes to properly sand your workpiece so it's ready to accept a finish.

All information and techniques will be demonstrated first followed by an opportunity to try for yourself.

There's a lot crammed into each day.

You get a lot of bang for your buck so be ready to learn, ask questions, take notes if you wish, and above all, enjoy...

What to wear - Absolutely NO baggy clothing. The last thing you want is to have an item of clothing touch a spinning blade. The same goes for jewelry and long hair.

We ask that you remove all rings and necklaces along with anything else that could pose a hazard before you arrive.

We also ask that hair longer than shoulder length be tied back securely so it can not come undone. Make sure to wear appropriate footwear, something capable of protecting your feet should you drop something heavy or sharp, so no exposed toes, please.

We'll provide you with all supplies, hearing protection, and a face mask to protect your lungs from airborne sawdust.

Due to space restrictions, this course is restricted to 2 people at any one time.

Courses may be rescheduled or canceled if temperatures are due to exceed 90º on the day for your comfort.


(Once you book a course we’ll contact you within 24 hours (weekdays) to arrange a convenient date that works for you)