Individual chip carving knives

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Individual carving knives designed for chip carving work.

Each one a highly adaptable tool with multiple uses in the wood shop and around the home.

Select any of the following designs from the drop down menu:

515-3351 - Short Skew Edge.

515-3352 - Long Skew Edge.

515-3353 - Double Sided, Curved Edge.

515-3354 - Straight Bade, Skew Edge.

515-3356 - Small Blade, Skew Edge for intarsia.

515-3357 - Long Wide Blade, Skew Edge.

515-3358 - A Chip Carving Knife with a Round Neck.

515-3360 - Bent Aside, Curved Edge.

515-3361 - Straight Blade and Three Edges.

515-3362 - A Chip Carving Knife with a Round Neck, Straight Edge, Long Blade.