Richard Kell Honing Guides

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Introducing an easy-to-use and innovative honing guide system that guarantees swift, precise, and dependable blade and tool sharpening.

Crafted with durable solid brass bobbins, a specialized Ertalyte® roller, and a stainless steel guide rod.

This honing guide is designed for chisels and other blades ranging from 1/8" to 1" wide. It's ideal for narrower, shorter blades, including Japanese chisels.

What sets this guide apart is its unique approach – it takes the underside of the chisel as the accurate reference point, engaging with its two stainless steel location rods.

The rollers are made from high-quality Ertalyte® TX low friction material, which is self-lubricating. Clear instructions are provided. For optimal results, position the cutting edge closest to the operator and perform honing on the push stroke. That'll give you much better control and feedback.

The guide is the perfect sharpening solution for wood engraver's burins or gravers, creating a flawless, flat and sharp rake face.

Woodwind players highly value these guides for sharpening reed-making equipment.

(Ertalyte® TX is a semi-crystalline, internally lubricated thermoplastic polyester that boasts superior wear resistance and inertness compared to general-purpose nylon and acetal products. It is characterized by exceptional dimensional stability, a low coefficient of friction, high strength, and resistance to moderately acidic solutions.)