Grizzly G1033X planer - 20" 5 HP Helical Cutterhead

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Introducing the Grizzly G1033X planer with a 20" 5HP Helical Cutterhead

The Grizzly G1033X planer has an enviable 20" wide helical cutterhead, driven by a powerful 5HP motor. Furthermore, this high-capacity production machine can process material up to 8" thick with less noise than any straight knife planer.

Additionally, that helical cutter means, you can rotate inserts up to 3 times for a fresh edge rather than taking a trip to the sharpening service again. Subsequently, over time, your Grizzly G1033X will save you time and money, while easily processing up to 28 feet per minute.

Key Specifications:

  • Motor: 5 HP, 220V, single-phase, 23A
  • Max Stock Width: 20"
  • Max Stock Thickness: 8"
  • Min Stock Thickness: 1/4"
  • Min Stock Length: 7"
  • Max Cutting Depth Full Width: 5/64"
  • Cutterhead Diameter: 3-1/4"
  • Cutterhead Type: 4-row helical, 92 inserts
  • Insert Size, Type: 15mm x 15mm x 2.5mm, 30° indexable carbide
  • Cutter Head Speed: 5000 RPM
  • Feed Rate: 16, 28 FPM
  • Table Size: 20" x 56"
  • Dust Port Size: 5"
  • Footprint: 22" x 28"
  • Overall Dimensions: 39" W x 56" D x 41" H
  • Approx. Shipping Weight: 909 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty, ball bearing board return rollers
  • Pedestal-mounted control panel
  • Adjustable bed rollers
  • 4-column support with table locks
  • Precision-ground, cast-iron table and extension wings
  • Anti-kickback fingers for enhanced safety.

The power and capacity of the Grizzly G1033X planer

The Grizzly G1033X is pre-wired for 220V to feed that powerful 5HP motor. That way you benefit from lower energy costs and increased efficiency, while producing less heat and putting far less strain on your power supply.

So, feel free to cut up to 5/64" deep cuts over that entire 20" width cutter without fear of overloading a circuit.

All 4 rows of 92 carbide inserts are set at a slight angle for smooth shearing cuts, minimal tear out, a flawless finish, and less noise. In addition, each one can be rotated up to three times for continuous sharpness.

The G1033X Grizzly Planer can handle larger stock safely

With a 20" wide x 56" long (that's nearly 5 feet) bed, your Grizzly G1033X 20" 5 hp helical cutterhead planer bed is large enough to safely support any workpiece. As a result, one person can safely operate this 20" planer efficiently. Moreover, it's 909lb mass is a bonus when planing long, heavy boards.

Efficient dust collection of the Grizzly G1033X Planer

Being a helical cutterhead, your Grizzly G1033X 20 5 hp helical cutterhead planer won't block up your dust collector. That's because helical cutterheads create tiny wood shavings making them easier to remove.

The large 5" dust port is designed for efficient sawdust removal. That way, it's much easier for your dust collector to do its job. As a result, you get to enjoy better air quality and a safer environment.

A 20" planer built for efficiency and safety

For safety, your planer comes with a pedestal mounted, magnetic switch for overload and power failure protection. Furthermore, a 4-column support with table locks, will ensure thickness is the controlled with every cut you'll ever make. Additionally, anti-kickback fingers mean, boards cannot kick back towards you once engaged with the cutterhead and rollers.

Intuitive features designed for simplicity

Enjoy constant speed adjustable bed rollers, with a two-speed gearbox so you can choose between 16 or 28 FPM (feet per minute) feed rates.

The 5 HP motor efficiently powers the cutterhead through a triple v-belt design, for a smooth power transfer.

Heavy-duty, ball bearing board return rollers make passing a board back for a second pass easy and efficient rather than having to carry it.

Warranty and service worthy of your investment

The G1033X comes with a 1-year warranty covering parts, guaranteeing freedom from any factory defects. Furthermore, your machine comes with a comprehensive, easy to follow manual written by the Grizzly HQ documentation department right here in the USA.

For all immediate customer service inquiries especially those relating to ordering and fulfillment please click HERE or go to our ‘Contact’ page to let us know how we can help you. In addition, technical assistance and parts inquiries are curtesy of the legendary technical support from your Grizzly Technical Support Team HERE

ISO and CSA Certified quality

Your Grizzly 20-inch planer is made in an ISO 9001 factory and CSA certified for quality.

Note on replacement inserts:

For models manufactured July 2007 and later, use H9893 (92) 15mm x 15mm x 2.5mm replacement inserts.

For models manufactured June 2007 and earlier, use H7319 (96) 14mm x 14mm x 2.0mm replacement inserts.


The Grizzly G1033X 20" 5 HP Helical Cutterhead Planer is highly capable, fast and efficient powerhouse. So, whether you're a passionate hobbyist or an industrial operation, you can rely on the G1033X to perform beyond expectations.

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