Grizzly G0958 - 8" Combo Planer/Jointer with Helical Cutterhead

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Introducing the G0958 8" Combo Planer/Jointer with Helical Cutterhead

Maximize your workspace with this 8" 2-in-1 planer jointer. The G0958 simplifies your shop, making it perfect for woodworkers with limited space, hobbyists, and DIY enthusiasts looking to refine their lumber.

Featuring a compact benchtop design, this machine easily fits into smaller workshops and tackles old or rough lumber with ease.

The G0958's helical cutterhead boasts 18 inserts arranged diagonally for clean shearing cuts, reduced tearout, a smoother finish, and quieter operation compared to straight knives. Each insert can be rotated up to three times, ensuring a sharp edge.

A robust 1-1/2 HP motor provides ample power for planing and jointing. The dust collection shroud adjusts to suit your operation, and the 2" dust port facilitates seamless connection to a dust collector.

Lock the planer and jointer tables securely in place for precise, repeatable cuts. This machine's portability is a boon for handymen and women, making it ideal for job sites.

Beware of competitors offering similarly priced machines with straight knives; the G0958 stands out.

Like all Grizzly combination machines, the G0958 comes with a one-year warranty, covering parts and ensuring it's free from factory defects (note that consumables are not included in the warranty).

Your machine comes with a comprehensive, easy to follow manual written by the Grizzly HQ documentation department right here in the USA.

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Crafted in an ISO 9001 factory, the G0958 is your gateway to enhanced woodworking.


  • Motor: 1-1/2 HP, 120V, single-phase, 15A
  • Maximum cut width: 8"
  • Maximum cut depth: 3/64"
  • Minimum workpiece length: 6"
  • Minimum thickness: 1/4"
  • Cutterhead type: 2" helical with 18 inserts
  • Insert size and type: 15mm x 15mm x 2.5mm indexable carbide inserts
  • Cutterhead speed: 8500 RPM
  • Cuts per minute: 17,000
  • Planing feed rate: 22 FPM
  • Bevel jointing: 0–45°
  • Fence size: 21" L x 4" H
  • Planer table size: 13-3/4" L x 8" W
  • Jointer table size: 29-1/4" L x 8-1/4" W
  • Footprint: 15-1/2" x 10-1/2"
  • Overall dimensions: 31" W x 17-1/2" D x 18-1/2" H
  • Approximate shipping weight: 57 lbs.


  • Helical cutterhead with 18 indexable carbide inserts
  • Die-cast aluminum infeed and outfeed tables
  • Quick-release fence with stops at 0° and 45°
  • 2-1/2" Dust port
  • One push block and one push stick
  • Torx T-20 t-handle driver

Elevate your woodworking with the G0958 Combo Planer/Jointer - versatile, efficient, and space-saving.