Grizzly G0911 - 39" x 63" CO2 Laser Cutter 100W Single Head

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Introducing the G0911 CO2 Laser Cutter

The G0911 CO2 Laser Cutter is a robust machine with a 100W laser head. The laser head features auto-focusing capabilities with ±0.05mm position accuracy and an adjustable cutting speed ranging from 0 to 945 inches per minute.

The worktable, electronically driven, can reach a maximum height of 7 inches. It includes both knife-blade and honeycomb platforms suitable for cutting or engraving various non-metal materials such as wood, bamboo, jade, marble, glass, crystal, plastic, textiles, paper, leather, rubber, and ceramic.

Key components of the G0911 include Hiwin linear guide rails for durability and positioning accuracy, Japanese OMRON electronic components, and II-VI optical lenses for enhanced beam transmission.

The laser comes with RDWorks software for project engraving and cutting. Compatibility extends to RDworks, CorelLaser, and Lightburn software. File formats such as .svg, .ai, .pdf, .dxf, .hpgl, .plt, .png, .jpg, .bmp, and .jpeg are supported for import.

The control system offers wireless networking connectivity, enabling a single computer to manage multiple machines simultaneously. The laser system incorporates an integrated water chiller for efficient cooling.

Safety is emphasized, with a recommendation to always wear Class 4 laser eye protection rated for 10,600 nm.

The G0911 is covered by a 1-year warranty, guaranteeing parts and unit quality against factory defects.

Your machine comes with a comprehensive, easy to follow manual written right here in the USA.

For all customer service inquiries especially those relating to ordering and fulfillment please click HERE or go to the Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft ‘Contact’ page to let us know how we can help you.

For technical assistance and parts inquiries enjoy legendary technical support from the Grizzly Technical Support Team HERE.

Manufactured in an ISO 9001 factory, the G0911 complies with FDA Safety Standards.


  • Power Supply: 110V, single-phase, 15A circuit
  • Laser Power: 100W single-head
  • Wavelength: 10,600nm
  • Position Accuracy: ±0.05mm
  • Cutting Speed: Adjustable 0–945"/min
  • Cutting Area: 39" x 63"
  • Minimum Cutting Thickness: 0.02"
  • Maximum Cutting Thickness: 0.80"
  • Maximum Cutting Height: 7"
  • Minimum Cutting Width: 0.04"
  • Dust Port Size: 6"
  • Overall Dimensions: 66-1/2" W x 91" D x 42-1/2" H
  • Approximate Shipping Weight: 1288 lbs.


  • Digital Control Panel
  • Omron Electronic Components
  • Leadshine Stepper Motors
  • Hiwin Guide Rails
  • II-VI Optical Lenses
  • Wireless Networking Connectivity
  • RDWorks Software

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