Grizzly G0834 - 12" x 84" Jointer with Spiral Cutterhead

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Grizzly G0834 12" Parallelogram Jointer: Unleash Power, Precision, and Perfection!

Welcome to the realm of robust craftsmanship – introducing the Grizzly G0834 12" Parallelogram Jointer, where strength meets precision with a touch of finesse.

Built for the Bold:

Embrace the might of over half a ton embodied in the G0834's 84" precision-ground cast-iron tables and a solid cast-iron stand. Vibration becomes a thing of the past, replaced by a symphony of accuracy that elevates your woodworking endeavors.

A Dynamo of Cutting-edge Innovation:

Fueling this powerhouse is a 5 HP, 230V, single-phase motor, driving the 8-row spiral cutterhead armed with 96 German-made indexable carbide inserts. Bid farewell to the limitations of traditional high-speed steel – these carbide inserts deliver endurance, easily replaceable or rotatable should they encounter challenges.

Fine-Tuned Control:

The G0834 introduces precise parallelogram table adjustment, putting control at your fingertips with accessible handwheels. Fine-tune the infeed and outfeed tables for immaculate alignment, a game-changer for your woodworking precision.

Precision Beyond Boundaries:

The center-mounted, 47" L x 5-3/8" H fence becomes your guide to accurate edge-jointing. Featuring stops at 45°, 90°, and 135°, it comes equipped with rack-and-pinion lateral adjustment, adding an extra layer of precision to your craftsmanship.

Ever-ready Performance:

When the stock inserts dull, fear not – the H9893 replacement inserts stand ready for the rescue.

Assured Quality:

Your investment is backed by a 1-year warranty, a testament to the confidence we place in the G0834's durability and craftsmanship.

Reliable Support, Right at Your Fingertips:

Your machine comes with a comprehensive, easy to follow manual written by the Grizzly HQ documentation department right here in the USA.

For all customer service inquiries especially those relating to ordering and fulfillment please click HERE or go to the Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft ‘Contact’ page to let us know how we can help you.

For technical assistance and parts inquiries enjoy legendary technical support from the Grizzly Technical Support Team HERE.

Delivery Simplified:

Considering its size, the G0834 requires delivery to a loading dock or unloading with a forklift. Liftgate service is not available – a small trade-off for a jointer of this magnitude.

Crafted with Precision:

Manufactured in an ISO 9001 factory, the G0834 embodies precision at every level.


  • Motor: 5 HP, 230V, single-phase, 19A
  • Maximum width of cut: 12"
  • Maximum depth of cut: 1/8"
  • Maximum rabbeting depth: 1/2"
  • Cutterhead diameter: 3-7/8"
  • Cutterhead type: 8-row helical with 96 inserts
  • Insert size, type: 15 x 15 x 2.5mm, indexable carbide
  • Cutterhead speed: 4950 RPM
  • Table size: 12-3/4" x 84"
  • Fence size: 47" L x 5-3/8" H
  • Minimum stock length: 14"
  • Minimum stock thickness: 1/2"
  • Dust port size: 5"
  • Footprint: 19-1/2" x 41"
  • Overall dimensions: 84" W x 39" D x 47" H
  • Approx. shipping weight: 1278 lbs.


  • Parallelogram tables with handwheel adjustment
  • Precision-ground cast-iron tables
  • Rabbeting table
  • Pedestal-mounted switch for easy access
  • Magnetic switch with thermal overload protection
  • Solid cabinet stand
  • V-belt drive
  • Pair of push blocks included

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