Grizzly G0513X2BF bandsaw - 17" 2 HP Extreme-Series Bandsaw

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Introducing the Grizzly G0513X2BF Extreme-Series Bandsaw!

WOOD Magazine highlighted the Grizzly G0513X2BF Bandsaw as a top-value tool. That's because this powerful 2 HP Grizzly 17" bandsaw comes with an automatic break to stop the blade in under 2 seconds at shutdown. Furthermore, the G0513X2BF has an emergency foot break for enhanced safety.

Let's take a quick look at the specifications, followed by a deep dive into the details:


  • Motor: 2 HP, 220V, single-phase, 10A
  • Max. cutting width left of blade: 16-1/4"
  • Max. cutting height (resaw capacity): 12"
  • Table size: 23-5/8" x 17-1/4"
  • Table tilt: 5° left, 45° right
  • Floor to table height: 37-1/2"
  • Blade size: 131-1/2" (1/8" - 1" wide)
  • Blade speed: 1700, 3500 FPM
  • Footprint: 27" x 18"
  • Overall size: 32" W x 32" D x 73" H
  • Approximate shipping weight: 428 lbs.


  • Deluxe cast-iron fence with 6" tall extruded aluminum resaw fence
  • Quick-change blade release/tensioner
  • Blade tension indicator
  • Micro-adjusting geared table
  • Blade height scale measurement
  • Blade tracking window
  • When you turn off the power, the motor brake stops the blade in under 3 seconds.
  • Foot brake activates manual and motor brakes
  • Cast-iron table trunnions for greater stability
  • Rack and pinion upper blade guide height adjustment
  • Includes 1/2" 6-TPI hook blade and miter gauge.

Safety Features

Safety is a key aspect of the Grizzly G0513X2BF bandsaw so it includes an automatic brake to stop the blade in less than two seconds after you power down, reducing the risk of accidents. Additionally, there's a foot brake for emergencies and a magnetic power switch to prevent accidental starts. Furthermore, a keyed lockout ensures that no one uses the bandsaw without authorization.

Power and Cutting Capability

This Grizzly 17" bandsaw operates with a 2 HP motor, giving it the power needed to cut through material up to 12 inches thick. As a result, it has a large throat size of 16-1/4", making it versatile for different sizes of wood.

The Grizzly G0513X2BF bandsaw Table and Fence

The bandsaw features a 23-5/8" x 17-1/4" cast-iron table that tilts from 5° left to 45° right, offering flexible options for angled cuts. Additionally, cast-iron trunnions support the table, for stability and a 6" tall extruded-aluminum dual-position resaw fence offers support for taller stock. Moreover, for fine detail work, you can attach the fence horizontally.

Dust Management and Blade Guides

To keep your working area clean, this Grizzly 17 inch bandsaw is equipped with dual 4" dust ports. The blade guides are double ball-bearing, a feature often found on more expensive models, ensuring the blade stays straight and true during cuts.

Additional Information

The bandsaw comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and factory defects, excluding consumables like blades. It also includes a detailed user manual from Grizzly, designed to help users get the most out of their equipment.

In summary, the Grizzly G0513X2BF bandsaw blends safety, power, and precision, offering a well-rounded tool for woodworking projects. So its design focuses on safety, efficient operation, and flexibility for a variety of woodworking tasks.

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For total peace of mind your Grizzly 17 inch bandsaw is crafted in an ISO 9001 certified factory and it is CSA certified.

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