GEM 11-inch Large Orbital Sander and Polisher (with dust shroud)

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Introducing the GEM 11-inch Large Orbital Sander and Polisher (with dust shroud)

The GEM 11-Inch Orbital Sander & polisher isn't just a Large Random Orbital Sander. In fact, there's no random action at all to avoid swirl marks for a more hand sanded finish. It's a time saver, with a modern dust shroud that sets it apart from anything else and it's packed with advanced features.

Furthermore, it's a 2 for 1 deal because you can also use it as a polisher to get deep into those wood fibers and perfect the sheen you're looking for.

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Lets take a quick look at the features and benefits before we dive into the details...

Key features:

  • A heavy-duty capacitor motor with ball bearings
  • No gears to grind or strip out
  • No armature winding to burn out
  • No carbon brushes to wear out
  • A unique detachable shaft system
  • Suitable for sanding, polishing, and finishing


  • A weight of 18 lbs.
  • An overall height of 10 in.
  • Amps at 2.3@110v
  • RPM at 1,700@110v
  • A motor rated at 110v
  • A housing made of heavy-duty aluminum
  • A dust shroud included

Large orbital sander for High-Capacity Coverage

To speed up and flatten those big sanding jobs, the GEM Sander & Polisher has an exceptional 11-inch firm drive pad. Thats way more coverage than other sanders in the market.

This Industrial Orbital Sander is made for big jobs and with a standard drive pad it doubles as an Orbital Polisher, to make light work of big surfaces.

Not only can it sand and polish large areas fast, but you great results at the same time.

More than just a big sander

Speed is only half the picture; with a firm drive pad, you'll find it also helps to flatten a surface at the same time. Therefore, those two factors make it the perfect choice for sanding large areas, compared to other sanders.

Beyond its rapid surface coverage, the GEM Polisher leaves a smooth and uniform finish, meeting the highest quality standards.

Smooth and Precise Orbital Action

Spinning at 1700 "orbits" per minute, the GEM Orbital Sander/Polisher is smooth & easy to use. Furthermore, it's wrong to describe it as a large random orbital sander because it's actually an orbital action to avoid swirl marks. So, with a smooth feel, the GEM Polisher's precise orbiting motion leaves consistent results on different surfaces.

A smart machine with lots of uses

The GEM Orbital Sander came from years of hard work to create a machine that's a game changer for solid surface and woodworking professionals. That orbital action works like a human hand so it leaves you with a uniform finish.

The 11-inch orbital sander/polisher is multi-use because it's just as good at sanding and polishing wood and solid surfaces.

Features and Specifications

The Hookit (hook and loop) fastening system works with Micron Paper, Trizact™, and Finishing Pads, for quality and affordability. Furthermore, its heavy-duty ball-bearing capacitor motor is durable, with no gears to grind, no armature to burn out, and no brushes to wear out.

Shipping Information

Your tool ships from the manufacturer, and shipping times can vary. So if you need it ASAP, feel free to contact us for details.


What sets this tool apart from the competition?

Size and weight, it's that simple. Plus the dust collection makes it a game changer.

The GEM Polisher's 11-inch width, weight, simplicity and productivity make it a solid choice.

How effective is the dust collection system?

Put simply, it works, well. So when you plan to use the machine as a sander rather than a polisher, the dust shroud is a must. As a result, it'll clean up after itself and improve your air quality in one go.

Can it take heavy use?

Yes! The GEM Polisher is built for heavy-duty use and long-lasting performance.

Can this be used on different types of wood?

Yes! The GEM Sander & Polisher is good for use on all types of wood.

Does it come with any additional accessories?

Yes. The GEM Orbital Sander comes with a Hookit fastening system and you should check out our Professional-Grade Sanding and Polishing supplies for additional accessories.

Moreover, the availability of additional accessories enhances the tool's versatility, catering to various project needs.

Is the GEM Polisher Orbital Sander backed by a warranty?

Certainly, yes. It comes with a 1-year warranty on the motor and a 90-day warranty on all other parts. So you can enjoy total peace of mind with the assurance of a comprehensive warranty.

Furthermore, the warranty assurance ensures users have peace of mind regarding the tool's reliability and performance.

Can I use this tool for projects other than woodworking?

It can sand and polish any large flat surface so you can use it for many applications.

Can it help to flatten a large wooden slab?

Sure! Although there's no substitute for a wide belt sander, CNC machine, or router sled. With the firm drive pad it definitely does a great job of taking down those high spots. So consider this an Orbital Sander with a Surface Flattening Capability.

Lead Time Information

Please be aware that lead times vary for this product because it ships directly from the manufacturer.  So feel free to Contact us for details.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gary Caja
Gem orbital sander

It truly is a gem! Once I knew it existed I had to have it. For me, and I’m sure for many others involved in woodworking, sanding is not very pleasant. This sander makes short work of the biggest panels and table tops. It’s quiet, dust collection is adequate and the weight of the machine is perfect. Just guide it and enjoy the ride! Yes it is expensive but you get that back by the speed of completing the task. Those little orbitals seem ridiculous now. I highly recommend this sander!

randy workman
Excellent Tool

Been wanting a polisher for a long time. Getting a polisher/sander in one, especially this quality of one is fantastic!! Love this tool, would recommend to all.