Gem - 11-inch, orbital sander & polisher, with dust shroud

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Your GEM 11" Orbital Sander will significantly speed up sanding operations and reduce fatigue by more than 50%.

It's a heavy-duty machine, running at 1700 OPM (Orbits per minute).

Unlike other orbital sanders, it won't produce unsightly swirl marks.

Its smooth action is achieved by using a clever, built-in, counterweight system.

At 18 pounds, you really can let this remarkable machine do the work for you.

GEM's orbital sander is truly capable of doing all of your large surface sanding and polishing in one commercial-grade machine.

It's just as impressive with solid surface materials as it is with hardwood, softwood, and veneer products.

The GEM Orbital Sander comes with a Hookit (Hook and Loop) fastening system for attaching standard discs and an assortment of attachments for sanding, buffing & polishing.

Whether you need to tackle large wood slabs, Corian and other solid surface materials, sheet metals, or veneers. You won't find a better solution to your production needs.


  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • Height: 10"
  • Current: 2.3 amp
  • RPM: 1,700
  • Motor: 110v
  • Housing: Heavy Duty Aluminum


  • a heavy-duty ball-bearing capacitor motor
  • No gears to grind or strip out
  • No armature winding to burn out
  • No carbon brushes to burn out
  • The exclusive removable shaft system
  • Sands, polishes, and finishes
  • This configuration includes a dust shroud for dust collection

Comes with an 11" standard drive pad and a Dust Shroud for attaching dust collection.


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