Dust shroud for the GEM - 11-inch, orbital sander & polisher

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As an authorised dealer, Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft can offer the S-112 Dust Shroud designed for the GEM, 11-inch orbital sander/polisher.

This dust shroud is easy to retrofit and can be installed in the field.

It'll work just fine with any typical shop vacuum and you can order the S-112 Dust Shroud separately or pre-assembled with new machines. It come with a standard 1 1/2" outlet pipe, but we'll also include an adapter for 1 1/4" hoses just in case.

With the S-112 Dust Shroud, you can safely use your GEM sander for on-site residential or commercial work. It'll help you to maintain a cleaner, safer work environment while noticeably improving productivity.

Whether you're a professional woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, consider the S-112 Dust Shroud from Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft as a valuable accessory for your GEM sander.

Place your order today to enjoy the benefits of a cleaner and more productive workspace.