Rabbet plane and Chisel Plane 2-in-1. The No. A77

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Introducing the 1-1/8" 2-in-1 Bull Nose Rabbet Plane No. A77

Versatility Meets Precision

Made by Anant Tools, a woodworking giant since 1949. The No. A77 Bullnose plane is a 2-in-1 Rabbet Plane that converts into a Chisel Plane. So it's a go-to tool for working in tight spaces for precision joinery.


  • Adjustable Mouth: Tailor the blade opening to your needs.
  • Interchangeable Front: Remove the front to convert the plane to suit your needs.
  • Included Shims: Facilitate finer adjustments for immaculate results.

Rabbet Plane Specifications:

  • Size: 1-1/2 inches
  • Functionality: Effortlessly switch from cutting rabbets to cleaning up joints
  • Manufacturer: Anant Tools

Seamlessly Transition Between a Rabbet Plane and a Chisel Plane

So that you get the most out of its agile design, the A77 effortlessly transforms, enabling you to shave imperfections away even in tight spaces. So smooth rough edges and achieve pristine joinery with ease.

Perfect for Precision Craftsmanship

With a razor sharp blade, enjoy extremely thin shavings for precision joinery. Furthermore, the A 77 Bull Nose Rabbet Plane makes high end precision joinery easy. That's partly due to its compact design, so enjoy perfect tenon cheeks and stopped dado's every time.

So how can you use your A77 Bullnose Rabbet plane?

First, you can clamp a simple straight edge in place and use that as a guide fence for quick and easy rabbets without needing a power tool. Furthermore, you can trim with, and across the wood grain for grooves or dado's.

Finally, with the tip removed, your Chisel plane can now take a shaving all the way up to an inside edge or a dado stop for example for truly precision joinery.

Why Wait? Take your joinery to the next level Today!

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your woodworking ability. Instead, invest in the 1-1/8" 2-in-1 Bull nose Plane from Anant Tools to unlock a world of precision and versatility.