Chisel Set in a Wooden Box - Bevel Edge Chisel Set in a wooden box

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An unpolished set of Two Cherries chisels. In every other way, identical to the standard production tools, the only differences are that the blades are not highly polished and a standard-shaped wooden handle is used. Same steel, same forging, same heat treating, same grinding. An economical alternative for the woodworker on a budget. Two sets are available:

4 Chisel Set - 25/64" (10mm), 5/8" (16mm), 25/32" (20mm) and 1" (26mm).

6 Chisel Set which adds a 15/64" (6mm) and 15/32" (12mm) chisel.

Carefully forged blades are skillfully heat treated in an immersion bath method to achieve a Rockwell hardness of 61C. This means that they will hold an edge longer than almost any other chisel!