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Introducing our latest innovations in vacuum technology – the SSV106 vacuums! These cutting-edge vacuums come in a generous 13-gallon capacity and are powered by a single-phase motor, boasting an impressive two horsepower and a two-stage bypass motor.

Key specifications of the SSV106 include a maximum airflow of 110CFM, a remarkable maximum water lift of 105 inches, and universal filters that are easily accessible for your convenience. Notably, these automated vacuums are designed to sync seamlessly with your Safety Speed machine. They activate automatically when your machine is in operation and shut down when it's not in use, eliminating the need for additional accessories like the "automater" previously used with our industrial vacuum.

Experience the future of vacuum technology with the SSV106 series. Upgrade your workspace today for enhanced efficiency and cleanliness. Don't miss out – get your SSV106 vacuum now!


FAQ: Can I use the SSV106 vacuum with other machines besides Safety Speed equipment? Yes, while the SSV106 vacuum is designed to work seamlessly with Safety Speed machines, it can also be adapted to complement a wide range of woodworking and dust-producing machinery. Its versatile design and automated functionality make it a valuable addition to any workshop.

FAQ: How do I maintain and clean the universal filters on the SSV106 vacuum? Maintaining the filters on your SSV106 vacuum is simple. You can access the universal filters easily for cleaning and replacement. We recommend regularly checking and cleaning the filters to ensure optimal performance and dust collection efficiency. Detailed instructions on filter maintenance are included in the user manual for your convenience.