Advanced 1500 workbench

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The Advanced series workbench is made in the Czech Republic. 'Ramia' have been crafting the finest quality workbenches for professional and hobby use for over a century. All of their workbenches are made from block laminated beech wood because it has the perfect Janka hardness rating for this application.

This model has a top that is 4′ 11” long making it perfect for hobbyists or professionals working in a typical garage-size wood shop environment.

Thanks to two rows of dog holes, (23 in total) you can clamp just about anything flat against the benchtop. There are also side mount dog holes in the base for product support making this a 3-axis holding tool as all good workbenches should be.

In its base form, there's an under-bench shelf for storage. We also offer two different storage cupboards that are designed to fit this model. Both are easy to install. See Hobby Cupboard 1 (975-1700) &

Hobby Cupboard 2 (975-1900) for details.

If you've started out as a woodworker and don't currently have a workbench, you'll wonder how you managed to get by without one. Once you can hold a workpiece of almost any shape and size on any of its 3 axes, without having to jerry-rig a solution together using clamps, you'll never look back.

Additional photographs show the bench with the optional storage cupboards which are sold separately.

Being manufactured in The Czech Republic, all sizes are metric.

The unfinished version is the exact same bench just without any pre applied finish. That way you can apply your preferred finish.


Total length

1500 mm

Worktop length

1340 mm

Total width

650 mm

Worktop width

500 mm

Working height

850 mm

Worktop thickness

30 mm

Apron depth

90 mm

Front vise (size/capacity)

360x55/130 mm

Side vise (size/capacity)

360x55/130 mm


47 kg

Shipping Dimensions

1400x570x100 mm

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Receiving a large and heavy workbench is a big deal and should be a cause for celebration.

To guarantee satisfaction, we prefer to use reliable residential lift gate services provided by trusted carriers like UPS and Fedex, that way we're not risking the safety of your investment.