8 Inch saw blades for vertical panel saws

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Looking for the perfect saw blade for your Safety Speed Vertical Panel Saw or Milwaukee 6480-20 model? Look no further than our 8" saw blades from Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft. Our blades are designed to fit our full line of vertical panel saws, as well as the Milwaukee 6480-20 model, and are available in a range of materials to suit your specific cutting needs.

Check out our recommended blade options for different materials:

  • 880TCGL: Thin plastic material
  • 860NRTCG: Non-ferrous metal material
  • 860TCGS: Premium plastics and thin aluminum material
  • 880ATBL: Veneer, fine wood, and foam core material
  • 860TCG: Synthetic and plastic material
  • 864NRATB: Melamine and laminate material
  • 860ATB: Fine wood and foam core material
  • 860ATBL: Premium wood material
  • 840ATB: General purpose wood material
  • 8200HG: Thin plywood or polycarbonate material (such as Lexan or Sintra) up to a maximum of .25" thick
  • PRD86: Fiber cement material

With our range of 8" saw blades, you're sure to find the perfect blade for all your cutting needs. So why wait? Shop now and take your woodworking to the next level with Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft!