Carving Tool Set - 11 Pieces in a wooden presentation box

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This is a beautiful 11-piece Carving Tool Set in a decorative wooden presentation box to protect your tools when not in use.

Manufactured to exacting standards by world renowned tool manufacturer, 'Two Cherries'.

Set includes:

8 mm Straight Carving Chisel (510-0108), 10 mm Straight Carving Chisel with Skew Edge (510-0210), 6 mm and 8 mm Straight Medium Gouge (510-0806, 510-0808),  6 mm Straight V-Chisel (510-3906), 2 mm Straight Grooving Gouge (510-4702), Chip Carving Knife with Short Skew Edge (515-3351), Chip Carving Knife with Double Sided Curved Edge (515-3353), Chip Carving Knife with Small Blade, Skew Edge for intarsia (515-3356), Chip Carving Knife with Round Neck, Straight Edge (515-3358), Water Sharpening Stone: 80 x 30 mm (3707).