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The Holiday Sale

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Brace and bit
Brace and bit 10% off  at checkout CLICK HERE
Metric forstner bits
Metric forstner bits 10% off  at checkout CLICK HERE
Ramia Advanced 1500 woodworking workbench
Ramia Advanced 1500 Workbench (unfinished) 10% off at checkout CLICK HERE
Ramia Advanced 2000 workbench
Ramia Advanced 2000 Workbench 10% off  at checkout CLICK HERE
Our truly amazing and hugely time saving 11-inch orbital sander is on sale to all until Christmas eve. How better to blast through those larger sanding/flattening jobs.
11-inch orbital sander with dust shroud for sale
For the Sander with a dust collecting shroud CLICK HERE for details
11-inch orbital sander/polisher without dust shroud
For the sander/polisher without a dust collecting shroud CLICK HERE
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Happy Holidays to all!