Premium star workbench

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The Star Workbench has a 6’3” long, solid beech benchtop equipped with both a front and a side vise.

Both are 18.75” long by  2.25” wide. There are two rows of bench dog holes (36 total). There are 2 dog holes in each vise. The bench is designed for easy conversion from left-handed to right-handed use meaning that both vises can be moved to the other end of the bench. Allowing both Right and Left-handed woodworkers to use this safely.

There are vertical dog holes placed within the legs so you'll be able to support larger workpieces on edge safely.

There's a tool drawer for quick access to tools and a tool tray towards the back of the bench top to keep tools out of the way when working on a project.

End caps are attached with dovetail joinery for added strength.

This Ramia workbench was manufactured in the Czech Republic. They have a century-long tradition of producing high-quality workbenches for hobby and professional use. Ramia is a family business.