Advanced 2000 workbench

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The Advanced series workbench is made from block laminated beech wood.

Beech is proven to be the ideal wood species for a woodworking bench because it is hard enough to last yet soft enough to protect your workpiece.

The Advanced 2000 work table top is 6′ 5” long making it large enough for even the most challenging of projects.

Thanks to two rows of dog holes, (31 in total) you can clamp just about anything flat against the benchtop. There are also side mount dog holes in the base for product support making this a 3-axis holding tool as all good workbenches should be.

If you've started out as a woodworker and don't currently have a workbench, you'll wonder how you managed to get by without one. Once you can hold a workpiece of almost any shape and size on any of its 3 axes, without having to jerry-rig a solution together using clamps, you'll never look back.