Workbenches collection

A woodshop workbench, along with its associated accessories, serves as the cornerstone of a woodworker's workspace, providing a sturdy and versatile platform for a wide range of tasks. Bench dogs and holdfasts are particularly vital components that enhance the functionality of a workbench.

Bench dogs are cylindrical pegs that fit into corresponding holes on the workbench, offering secure and adjustable clamping points to hold workpieces in place.

Holdfasts, on the other hand, are versatile clamping tools that anchor firmly to the workbench surface, enabling woodworkers to secure materials for various operations.

Their dynamic adjustability and secure grip make them essential for tasks such as planing, sawing, and chiseling.

At Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft, we offer a selection of premium woodshop workbenches tool tables and accessories, including bench dogs and holdfasts, designed to optimize your woodworking experience.

Explore our range to transform your workspace into a hub of precision and efficiency, where craftsmanship thrives with the aid of top-notch tools and accessories.