Router depth gauges

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A router depth gauge is an essential tool that revolutionizes precision in woodworking, enabling woodworkers to accurately adjust their router to exact depths every time.

This indispensable accessory allows artisans to precisely control the depth to which a router bit cuts into the material, ensuring accuracy and consistency in various woodworking projects.

By utilizing a router depth gauge, woodworkers can confidently set the desired cutting depth, whether it's for creating grooves, dadoes, rabbets, or decorative edge profiles.

This level of control ensures that cuts are executed with meticulous precision, resulting in flawless joints, edges, and designs.

At Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft, we offer premium router depth gauges that empower artisans to enhance their woodworking projects with accuracy and finesse.

Explore our range of accessories to elevate your routing endeavors and achieve professional-grade results in your craft.