Grizzly 6" jointer (G0814) - 6" x 48" Jointer with Cabinet Stand

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Introduction to the Grizzly 6" Jointer

Discover the Grizzly 6" jointer (G0814), ideal for small woodworking shops. It blends precision with easy movement, thanks to its dual-voltage system and mobile base. Great for efficient use in tight spaces.

Unique Advantages for Compact Workspaces

The G0814 is ideal for small spaces and increases productivity. Its compact design still delivers strong power for precise woodworking. Thus, this jointer is key for better workshop efficiency.

Grizzly 6" Jointer Key Features

The Grizzly G0814 shines with its features:

  • Smooth-adjusting, precision-ground cast-iron tables.
  • A center-mounted fence that adjusts to 45°, 90°, and 135°.
  • A solid, one-piece cabinet stand that boosts stability.

So, get straight to work with the G0814 jointer for precise, efficient cuts, ideal for any woodworking shop.

Grizzly G0814 Specifications

The motor is 1 HP and supports both 110V and 220V. The cut width is up to 6 inches, and the cutterhead speed is 5000 RPM for fast, clean cuts. Additionally, a 4-inch dust port maintains cleanliness. Thus, these aspects highlight the grizzly 6 inch jointer's efficiency and adaptability.

Grizzly 6" Jointer with Enhanced Stability and Mobility

The cabinet stand's built-in mobile base allows for easy movement in your shop. At the same time, its solid build improves stability during use. Thus, the grizzly go814 offers both mobility and sturdiness.

Upgrade Options and Warranty

Think about adding the V-helical cutter head for finer cuts. Plus, get a 1-year warranty for extra peace of mind. The G0814 jointer offers quality, reliability, and support for your shop.

Customer Support and Service

As a proud Grizzly partner, Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft is here for you. So if you have questions about ordering, fulfillment, or tracking just click HERE for direct assistance.

For technical support regarding your g0814 Grizzly 6 inch jointer, click HERE.

So what's the conclusion?

It's simple. The grizzly g0814 will improve your wood shop because it's made for small shops and gives great results. So, make your woodworking better with this flexible jointer.

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