Close Up Magic Pads

Black Close Up Magic Pad with a Stand


Our Magicians Pad was originally designed as a practice pad with drawers for a Deck Of Poker Cards and Magicians Accessories.

Most are used for street magic and corporate events.

Each Close-Up Pad is hand-made to order from Black Walnut.

Everything is bench made and fabricated in-house.

Available either with or without drawers and a custom stand is also available.

Close-Up Pad Stands are designed to be as light as possible and fold away for easy transportation and quick setup.

Attention to detail is outstanding.

​Everything you ever wanted in one place.

Choose from Red, Green, or Black padding.

There's a large drawer for books, tricks, and supplies and a small drawer for a deck of cards.

The underside is a solid Walnut platform that's designed for cup and ball tricks or any other trick where padding is not required.

Now you can move away from the rest and stand tall as a truly sophisticated magician.

Dimensions: 20" x 16" x 2-3/4"
(Padding area is - 19" x 15")
Weight (Close-Up-Pad) - Approximately 8 pounds
Weight (stand) - Approximately 9.5 pounds

These are made-to-order so wait times vary.


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