Veritas Bench Dogs & Wonder Dogs

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Elevate your workbench with a touch of sophistication using our Bench Dogs & Wonder Dogs!

Bench dogs are designed with precision and measure 3/4" in diameter, featuring a sturdy steel pin that keeps them firmly in place during your projects. They also have a grooved face to provide a secure grip without damaging your workpieces.

You can choose from two styles:

  1. Style 'A' – Round Brass Bench Dogs: These are 4-3/8" long, perfect for thicker benchtops. They are durable and dependable, making them an excellent choice for woodworking enthusiasts.

  2. Style 'B' – Bench Pups: Measuring 2-3/8" in length, these are ideal for thinner benchtops and work seamlessly in bench-side dog holes and sliding deadmen.

But that's not all! Introducing the Wonder Dogs – A game-changer for workbenches without a vise. Simply insert them, turn the handle, and securely lock your workpiece in place.

The versatility of our Bench Dogs & Wonder Dogs extends beyond benchtops – They can enhance any workspace with a 3/4" diameter hole.

Whether you're an experienced woodworker or just getting started, these tools will elevate your precision and efficiency.

Upgrade your woodworking experience with our Bench Dogs & Wonder Dogs – where craftsmanship meets innovation. Make your workbench a symbol of both class and functionality. Get yours today and experience the difference!