Hand Planes & Block Planes by Axminster

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Axminster Hand Planes are solid, reliable, and easy-to-use.

Whether you're using your #5 for stock removal, #6 for flattening, or #4 for a smooth finish, they're a reliable choice with a great reputation.

All faces are precision machined and edges are perpendicular to the sole so you can use them on edge without relying on a blade adjustment to get you there. The frog bed sits flat against a machined face in the body and is held firmly in place by 2 locking screws.

The iron is hardened and tempered, high carbon steel so it'll hold an edge for a long time without sacrificing the length of time it takes to sharpen.

The tote and knob are solid hardwood.

Available as a standard angle Block Plane, #3 Smoothing Plane, #4 Smoothing Plane, #5 Jack Plane, and a #6 Fore Plane.

The low-angle block plane can be used on most materials, end grain edges, and touch-up work on a flat surface. The low-angle blade assembly is designed to reduce chattering during a cut. It is precision machined and finished with a durable high gloss stove enamel. The blade angle is 13-1/2 degrees with an over all length of six inches.

Made by Axminster tools in the United Kingdom.